Buninyong Bowling Club

Buninyong Bowling Club
705 Inglis Street
(PO Box 40)
Buninyong, Victoria, 3357
Phone: (03) 5341 3577

  • Coaching

Lawn bowls at first glance looks to be a simple sport, but once you start playing this game, the challenge of combining the human body with the human mind becomes all apparent. There are three essential attributes for success in lawn bowls – knowledge, skill and desire.

This section of the website will assist bowlers with the development of their knowledge and skill, but desire is an attribute unique to each individual and it is either present or absent. There will be advice on tactics, training and mental skills, but it is up to each individual bowler to make the effort if they wish to improve their game.

Coaching at the Buninyong Bowling Club is available to all members in the following formats:

  1. All new members upon arrival at the club
  2. Individually to address personal needs
  3. Training squads – basic and advanced skills
  4. The local primary school sports program

Bowls Victoria Certified Coaches at Buninyong BC:

  • Keith Chapman
  • Barbara Voigt
  • Yvonne Clark
  • Wayne Morgan
  • Allan Donelly